Rice Polisher

Rice Polisher


ü  Used for brown rice to convert white rice

ü  Sample Capacity: 200gm

ü  Power: 0.5 H.P. Single Phase


ü  Maintenance Free

ü  Low Power Consumption

ü  Simple & Trouble free Mechanism

Rice Husker

Rice Husker Specification: Used for Dehusk the Paddy Provided with rubber roll sheller and aspirator to separate husk Sample Capacity: 1000 gm Features: Maintenance Free Lower Power Consumption Simple & Trouble free Mechanism

Digital Moisture Meter

Digital Moisture Meter

  •     Range : 8% - 40%
  •     Accuracy: (+-) 0.2%
  •     Principle: Resistance Measurement
  •     Display: Three Seven Segment Fnd
  •     Weight: 9.5 Kg. Approx. Without Accessories
  •     Size: 30 X 17 X 26 (approx)
  •     Power : Six 9v Dry Cells Or 230 Volts, 50 Hz Ac Through Adaptor
  •     Temperature : Automatic
  •     Special Features : Low Battery Indicator

Seed/ Grain Counter

Seed/grain Counter
Display : Seven Segment Fnd / 16x1 Line Alphanumeric Lcd
Seed Size : 0.5 Mm To 15mm
No Of Seeds In One Batch : Upto 9999 Seeds / Upto 999999
Batching, Repeat And Multiple Batches Creating Facility
Bath Count : Accurately Counts A Predetermined Number Of Seeds In A Single Batch
Repeat Batch : Allows For The Continual Duplication Of A Single Bath Count
Multiple Batch : Batch Counts Can Be Set To Count Number Of Batches With Different Seed Counts

Grain/ Rice Sizing Device

Grain/ Rice Sizing Device

Screen Area : 600 X 250 Mm / 300 X 125 Mm
Weight : 55 Kg / 25 Kg
Sample Size : 500gm / 100 Gm
Grain Sizing : 1.6,3.2, 4.8mm / 1.6,3.2,4.8mm 

Seed Blower

Seed blower makes the separation by accurately controlling the upward air flow through a transparent plastic olumn for purity testing, docking and cleaning of the grain/seed samples. Time can be controlled either by means of a timer or manually. The air flow can be precisely controlled to obtain even the most difficult sensitive air separations. Column are built to trap light weight seed and chaff, only pure seed remains at the bottom of the column. It has a wire mesh bottom to prevent seed from falling into the fan. All the controls are mounted on the top panel including the timer for easy access. It has three sizes of columns for covering the entire range of seeds/grains. Balanced suitable blower sizes of columns for covering the entire range of seeds/grains. Balanced suitable blower sizes of columns for covering the entire range of seeds/grains. Balanced suitable blower fitted on the table, fitted with caster wheels for portability. To work on 220/230 volts 50 cycles ac only.

size: 48x56x86 cm (approx) without tubes
small tube set; recomended for brome, red top, blue grass, legumes, small cereal grains etc.
size: 7. 6cm dia x 93 cm length (approx) and 4. 5 cm dia x 93 xm length (approx)
large tube set: recommended for large capacities and for grain, grasses, legumes, corn, soyabean.

Aspirator (Lab Model) Bates Type

most appropriate for seed testing in laboratories for separation of light chaffy material from granular products fast & accurate separate detachable transparent collector feed rate controller & controller air flow triangularpan large hopper capacity 2. 2 kg approx for wheat/rice
size; 51x30x82. 5 cms (approx. )
motor: 300w, 220 v, 50 c/s ac/dc single phae

Seed Germinator


  • This new seed germination is new standards of design simplicity in operation
  • Most useful in the field of seed testing forestry research, biological studies and veterinary sciences etc
  • Triple walled in construction with inner made of stainless steel & exterior of G.I sheet duly finished
  • In epoxy powder coated shade
  • Dual air circulation system to create and control set environment condition perfectly
  • Humidification through steam injection system having humidity in % digital indicating controller
  • The temperature is being controlled by solid state electronic temp. Controller with digital indicator
  • Selection of lighting arrangement model with digital cyclic timer for day/night effect or without lighting arrangement & digital timer

Rice Miller - Gill Type

We manufacture ssgw brand rice miller - gill type

specification:it is used for testing rice samples for milling quality grading colour and style at lowcost. Electrically operated to work on 220 volts ac provided with a timer. Power : ¼ hpsingle phase size : 380x230x290 mm approx (l x b x h).

Seed Divider - Gamet Type

We are the manufacturer of ssgw brand seed divider - gamet type

specification:principle : centrifugal action. Size : 380 x 310 x510 mm (approx). Disc : rotating neoprene disc. Body parts material : hopper, wear parts - plated brass, cylinder housing - stainless steel. Base : painted cast iron. Leveling : through 3 no. Of screws at base and a level indicator. Suitability : for seeds and grain even with awan, beard and glumestop lift-off : hopper and cylinder top lift-off for easy access to inner parts for cleaning. Hopper capacity : 2 kg. Motor : 1/10 hp. Operating voltage : 220 v, 50 hz, ac.
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