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Rotary Microtome

The rotary microtome is the most common instrument found in a histology laboratory. Specially designed for precise sectioning of tissue up to 1 micron thickness, it has a front located feed indicator with CAM Drive SYSTEM for accurate feed setting from 1-50 microns in step of 1 micron each. The microtome razor is fabricated from imported fine grain steel alloy tested for micro structures and the razor is heat treated to maintain optimum strength and sharpness


Key Features:


ü  Conveniently located Feed Indicator

ü  Automatic feed release mechanism

ü  Convenient Specimen holder

ü  Safety device

ü  Smooth Drive wheel with locking

ü  Vibration & shake Proof Operation

ü  Minimal Maintenance

ü  Reduced Hand Stress

ü  Sturdy, Rigid Construction

ü  Protective cover for easy cleaning & lubrication

Water Still Manesty Type


  • Designed to provide progeny free distilled water easily
  • Complete unit made of stainless steel
  • Condenser can be opened easily for periodic cleaning
  • The lid perfectly rest and get sealed inside the collar on head. of the tank which avoids loss of steam and jumping of lid
  • Easy wall mounting no plumbing
  • Easy replaceable heating elements
  • Wide range of output

Technical Specifications:

Cat. No.

Size Output Capacity


SSE -5/B

4 Liter

3.0 k.w.

230 volts

SSE -5/C

6 Liter

4.0 k.w.

230 volts

SSE -5/D

8 Liter

7.0 k.w.

440 volts/three phase

Kjeldahl Apparatus

We are a preeminent manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a broad spectrum of superior quality Kjeldahl Apparatus. The range made available by us comprises of best quality in international standards with perfect designing and high durability that are sourced from the most authentic vendors of the market. Offered at affordable prices, our product-line is applauded for its attractive sizes, perfect finishing and eminent durability.




  • Superb Texture
  • Very long lasting
  • Customization done
  • Durable
  • Non-corrosive
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect design
  • High durability
  • Sturdy construction

Kjeldahl Assembly Heater


    • Advance design structure of M.S pipes with epoxy powder coating finish
    • Heating box made of M.S/G.I duly finished in powder coated shade
    • Control panel separately attached to the main housing
    • Open type spiral heater fitted in porcelain plates
    • Condenser rack made of brass- chrome- plated provided for circulation of water of condenser
    • Energy regulator as a temp. controller
    • Suitable for 500ml and 800ml cap. kjeldahl flask
    • Operator of 230 volts

    Technical Specifications:

    Cat. No.


    Flask recesses

    Temp. controller


    SSE -23/A

    250 MI/800 MI


    Energy Regulator


    SSE -23/B

    250 MI/800 MI


    Energy Regulator


    Ultra Violet Viewing Cabinet


    • Usable for viewing paper and thin layer chromatography
    • G.I epoxy powder coated cabinet in regular Model
    • 316L S.S cabinet with matt finish in GMP Model
    • With enclosed long and short wave light sources
    • Provides an enclosed viewing space which eliminates external light interference
    • Cabinet features a special filter that absorbs UV energy before it reaches your eyes “optional”
    • Use with ultra violet lamp for observing fluorescent effect on chronograph etc.
    • Operates on 230 volts A/C

    Channel Point Apparatus


    • To test channel point of gear oil at low temperature
    • The unit for low temperature as per I S 1118-1957
    • A cylindrical test jar made of 1.6mm copper seamless tubing of 90mm dia and 112.5 mm height
    • The ground flat mild steel 6 nos. strip of 150 mm L x 19 mm W x 3 mm thick provided
    • The thermometer of range -80c to +20c having gradation of 1c and confirming the specification of test is provided.
    • The cooling bath of temperature range up to -70c provided
    • The bath consist newly designed cascade type cooling system
    • The temperature of bath is being controlled by solid state electronic temperature controller having digital temp. Indicator

    Air Circulating Oven

    Automatic Micropipette

    Cooled Incubators

    Laminar Flow Cabinet

    Water Bath Shaker

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