Lab Autoclave

Laboratory Autoclave

We offer Laboratory Autoclave, which are made from stainless steel and helps to fight the spread of infections. These are extensively used where contamination objects requires sterilization.


  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Food Industry
  • Biotechnology Industries
  • Hospitals
  • Tissue culture
  • Microbiology, bio fertilizer laboratories and research institutes


  • Outer, inner chamber & lid are made of stainless steel
  • Fitted with pressure control switch, timer, musical bell & low water cut off etc
  • Can be operated at any selected pressure

Vertical Autoclave

We offer Vertical Autoclave that is used for sterilizing culture media, glassware, utensils instruments etc. In steam pressure. Outer body is made of thick mild steel sheet finished with cream enamel paint. Inner chamber is made of thick stainless steel. The chamber is absolutely leak proof & can be operated at any selected point in between 5 to 20 pounds per sq. ft. It is provide with safety valve pressure gauge, pressure release valve, water level indicator with cord & plug. The lid made of thick mild steel with stainless steel lined inside duly polished. The lid is tightened by radial locking ribs by a control handle provide at the top.

Function of the alarm (musical bell):

When pressure reaches at the pre-set point,alarm start raising itself and heater off automatically and when the pressure falls down upto 0.5 PSI,the heater start & functioning again automatically and alarm stop itself.

SS Horizontal Cylindrical Autoclave

Product Details:
  • Insulation Wall: Triple Wall
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Inner chamber is made of SS .Jacket, Outer Chamber, lid ring, radial system, piping and Boiler are made of SS 304. The pressure is controlled by pressure stat and indication by temp. gauge also provided with all safety norms as per IS standards. Glycerine filled SS gauges are provided at top for chamber & jacket. Control panel is complete with on/off switches, indicators. Supplied with complete IQ, OQ & PQ documentations.

High Pressure Autoclave


  • Double drum high pressure construction
  • The jacket, chamber and exterior wall made of 304 stainless steel
  • The lid consist pressure switch 2 nos. safety valve, 2 nos. steam release valve and pressure gauge
  • Microprocessor based temperature controller and DIGITAL timer
  • Solid state water level controller
  • Removable stainless wire mesh carrier

Technical Specifications:

Cat. No.

Chamber Inner size

Carrier size


SSE -38/A

12” Diax20” Depth

10” Diax17” Depth

3.0 K.W.

SSE -38/B

16” Diax24” Depth

14” Diax20” Depth

4.0 K.W.

Rectangular Autoclave


  • Double walled inner made of heavy gauge 304 stainless steel &exterior also 304 S.S matt finish
  • High grade insulation between the chamber
  • Selection of both side door opening or single door
  • Regular DIGITAL controller or multi program PID controller having printer output
  • Equipped with pressure gauge, two safety valves, manual exhaust valve and vacuum breaker
  • Available with trays, rack and trolley

Technical Specifications:

Cat. No.

Chamber size (WXHXD)


Power rating Volt

SSE -40/A


1.0 CFT/30 LTRS

2.0 K.W. 230 volts

SSE -40/B


4.5 CFT/128 LTRS

6.0 K.W. 230 volts

SSE -40/C


10 CFT/285 LTRS

12.0 K.W. 440 volts

SSE -40/D


4.5 CFT/128 LTRS

7.5 K.W. 440 volts

SSE -40/E


10 CFT/285 LTRS

14.5 K.W. 440 volts

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